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ABBE, Prof. Cleveland, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; Meteorologist, U.S. Weather Bureau; author of ‘Atmospheric Radiation,’ etc.; editor of ‘Monthly Weather Review’; Lecturer on Meteorology, Johns Hopkins University.

ABBOTT, Rev. Edwin Abbott, D.D.; Fellow of St. John’s, Cambridge ; Headmaster of City of London School, 1865-89; Hulsean Lecturer, Cambridge, 1876; Select Preacher, Oxford, 1877; author of ‘Cambridge Sermons,’ ‘Shakespearean Grammar,’ ‘Latin Prose through English Idiom’ ; part-author of ‘The Common Tradition of the Synoptic Gospels.’

ABBOTT, Col. Henry Larcom, LL.D.; American military engineer; made a survey of the Pacific Railroad and of the Mississippi Delta; took part in the Civil War; served on the Eclipse Expedition to Sicily, 1870 ; author of works on fortifications, river and harbour improvements, and siegeartillery.

ABBOTT, Rev. Lyman D.D ; editor of ‘The Outlook,’ New York; jointed-editor of ‘The Christian Union,’ New York ; pastor of Plymouth Church, Brooklyn; author of ‘Christianity and Social Problems,’ Life of Christ,’ ‘Theology of an Evolutionist,’ ‘Life and Epistles of St. Paul.’

ABBOTT W. G.; Hartford, Connecticut.

ABEL Sir Frederick Augustus, Bart., K.C.B., D.C.L., D.Sc., F.R.S. ; Hon. Sec. and Director, Imperial Institute ; Professor of Chemistry, Royal Military Academy, 1851-55; Chemist to War Department, 1854-88; President of Special Committee on Explosives, 1888-91 ; Past President of British Association.

ABNEY, Sir William de Wiveleslie, K.C.B., D.Sc., D.C.L., F.R.S.; Principal Assist.-Sec., Board of Education, South Kensington, from 1899; President, Royal Astronomical Society, 1893-95 ; President, Physical Society, 1895-97; author of ‘Instruction in Photography,’ ‘Treatise on Photography,’ ‘Colour Vision,’ ‘Colour-Measurement and Mixture.’

ACTON, Roger; journalist on, ‘Illustrated London News Daily News,’ etc. ; collaborator with Edmund Ollier in ‘History of the United States’ ; author of ‘Our Colonial Empire’; translated ‘The Transvaal Boer speaking for himself.’

ADAM, James, M.A., LL.D.; Fellow and Lecturer of Emmanuel College, Cambridge; author of ‘The Number of Plato,’ ‘ The Educational Value of Classics’; and editions of Plato’s works.

ADAMS, B. B., joint-editor of the ‘Railroad Gazette,’ New York.

ADAMS, Charles Kendall, A.M., LL.D. ; Professor of History, University of Michigan, 1867-85 ; President of Cornell University, 1885-92 ; author of ‘Democracy and Monarchy in France’; editor of ‘Johnson’s Universal Cyclopaedia,’ 1895-97.

ADAMSON, Robert, M.A., LL.D.; Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, Glasgow University, from 1895; formerly Professor of Logic and Mental Philosophy, Owens College, Manchester; author of Works on Bacon, Kant, and Fichte.

AFFLECK, J. O., M.D., F.R.C.S. ; Senior Assistant Physician, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; Lecturer the Practice of Medical Surgery, Edinburgh.

AGLEN, Ven. Anthony Stocker, M.A., D.D. ;Archdeacon of St. Andrews ; Canon of Perth from 1890; contributed to Bishop Ellicott’s ‘Commentary or the Old Testament.’

AIRD, D. A.; editor of ‘Forge and Lathe.’

AIRY, Osmund, M.A., LL.D. ; H.M. Inspector of schools from 1876; Assistant Master, Wellington College, 1868-76 ; author of ‘Treatise on Geometrical Optics’; contributor to ‘Dictionary of National Biography,’ and ‘Epochs of Modern History’ ; has edited papers for the Camden Society.

AIRY, Wilfrid, B.A., M. Inst.C.E.; Examiner of Inspectors of Weights and Measures, Board of Trade; author of ‘Levelling and Geodesy,’ 'Weighing Machines,’ etc.

AKERS, C. E.; author of Argentine, Patagonian, and Chilian Sketches,’ etc.

ALCOCK, Charles William; Secretary of the Surrey County Cricket Club from 1872; Hon. Sec. of the Football Association, 1867-90; author of ‘Football our Winter Game’; editor of ‘Football Annual,’ ‘Cricketer’s Annual’ (Lillywhite’s), etc.

ALCOCK, Sir Rutherford, K.C.B.; consul at Foochow, 1844, at Shanghai, 1846; consul-general in Japan, 1858, and minister plenipotentiary, 1859 ; minister at Pekin, 1865-71 ; author of The Capital of the Tycoon.’

ALEXANDER, Gen. Edward Porter; General of Ordnance; later Brigadier-General of Artillery and Chief of Artillery in Gen. Longstreet’s Corps, Confederate Army.

ALEXANDER, Patrick Proctor, M.A.; edited Alexander Smith’s ‘Lost Leaves’; author of ‘Mill and Carlyle,’ ‘ Moral Causation.’

ALEXANDER, W. D., Honolulu; author of ‘A Brief History of the Hawaiian People.’

ALEXANDER, Rev. W. Lindsay, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E. ; Classical Tutor, Lancashire College, 1828; Pastor of Independent Chapel, N. College Street, Edinburgh ; one of the Old Testament revisers ; author of ‘Moral Philosophy.’

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