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Surnames: RAS-RIC

RASCH, Halvor; formerly Professor of Zoology, Univ. of Christiania.

RASHDALL, Rev. Hastiugs, M.A., D.C. L.; Fellow and Tutor of New College, Oxford; Lecturer in St David’s College, Lampeter, 1883 ; Tutor in the Univ. of Durhain, 1884-88; Fellow and Lecturer of Hertford Coll., Oxford, 1888-95; Chaplain and Theo-logical Tutor of Balliol Coll., 1894-95; author of ‘The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages,’ ‘Doctrine and Development’ (with R. S. Rait), ‘New College.’

RATH, Dr. Zoltán; Professor at the Royal Academy of Law, Kassa, Hungary; late of the Royal Hungarian Statistical Bureau; author of ‘Evitzed ünk egyenesadó-re-reform jairól.’

RAVENSTEIN, Ernest George; War Office, Topographical (now Intelligence) Department, 1855--1875; President, Section E, Brit. Assoc., 1891 ; author of ‘The Russians on the Amur,’ ‘Geographie und Statistik des Britischen Reiches,’ ‘Vasco da Gama’s First Voyage,’ ‘Map, Equatorial Africa,’ ‘Systematic Atlas.’

RAWLINSON, Rev. Canon George, M.A.; Professor of Ancient History ; Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1840 ; Tutor, 1842 Sub-Rector, 1845 ; author of ‘History of Herodotus ; a New Translation, with Notes and Appendices,’ ‘The Origin of Nations,’ ‘The Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World,’ ‘The Sixth and Seventh Great Monarchies.’

RAWLINSON, Maj.-General Sir Henry Creswicke, Bart., K.C.B., F.R.S., reorganised the Persian Army, 1833-39; served in the Afghan War, 1842 ; added valuable sculptures to the British Museum; author of ‘A Commentary on the Cunei-forin Inscriptions of Babylonia and Assyria,’ ‘Eng-land and Russia in the East.’

RAYLEIGH, Lord, 3rd Baron, O.M., D.C.L. LL.D., D.Sc., F. R.S. ; member of the Order of Merit; Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institution ; Scientific Adviser to Trinity House ; Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge, 1879-84; Secretary of Royal Society, 1887-96 ; author of ‘Theory of Sound,’ numerous scientific papers.

READ, Emily.

RECLUS, Elisée; Professor of Comparative Geo-graphy, New Univ. of Brussels, from 1894; author of ‘La Terre,’ ‘Géographie Universelle,’ ‘Les Primitifs.’

REDWOOD, Boverton, F.R.S.Ed., D.Sc., A.M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E. ; Fellow of Inst. of Chein. ; Consulting Chemist, with special experience in the technology of petroleum; Adviser on Petroleum to the Home Office; Consulting Adviser to the Corpora-tion of London under the Petroleum Acts; member of Jury for lighting appliances, Paris Exhibition, 1900; author of ‘Cantor Lectures on Petroleum and its Products,’ ‘Petroleum : its Production and Use,’ ‘A Treatise on Petroleum,’ ‘The Detection and Estima-tion of Inflammable Gases and Vapours, in the Air’ (with Professor Clowes), etc.

REEVE, Henry, C.B. ; Registrar to the Judicial Committee of Privy Council, 1853-87; foreign editor of ‘Times,’ 1840-55 ; editor of the ‘Edinburgh Review,’ 1855-95 ; author of' Petrarch,’ ‘Royal and Republican France’ ; trans. Guizot’s ‘Washington’ ; edited J. Whitelock’s ‘A Journal of the Swedish Embassy in 1653-54.’

REEVES, The Hon. William Pember; Agent--General for New Zealand ; Member of Senate of University of London ; edited the ‘Canterbury Times,’ and the ‘Lyttelton Times’ ; Minister of Education, Labour, and Justice, New Zealand, 1891-96; resigned position to become Agent-General for colony; author of ‘The Long White Cloud, a History of New Zealand,’ ‘An Introduction to the History of Communism and Socialism,’ also a volume of New Zealand verse.

REICH, Emil, Dr. Juris, F.R.Hist.S.; author of ‘History of Hungarian Literature,’ ‘History of Civilization,’ ‘Graeco-Roman Institutions,’ ‘Historical Atlas of English History,’ ‘Historical Atlas of Modern History,’ etc.

REID, Clement, F.R.S.; geologist on Survey of England and Wales; formerly Secretary and Recorder to the Geological Section of British Association; author of ‘Pliocene Deposits of Britain,’ ‘Origin of the British Flora,’ many contributions to geological journals.

REID, Sir George, L.L.D.; President, Royal Scottish Academy.

REID, James Smith, M.A., LL.M., Litt.D. ; Pro-fessor of Ancient History, Cambridge, from 1899; Fellow of Gonville and Caius Coll., 1878 ; Tutor, 1885 ; Classical Lecturer of Christ’s College, 1870-80; of Pembroke Coll., 1878-78, 1880-85; author of editions of ‘Cicero’s Academica,’ ‘De Amicitia’ ; translated ‘De Finibus and ‘Academica.’

REID, Sir Thomas Wemyss, Kt. General Manager and Director of Cassell and Co. editor of the ‘Speaker’ I until 1890 ; editor of ‘Leeds Mercury,’ 1870-87; author of ‘Cabinet Portraits,’ Charlotte Brontë,’ ‘Politicians of To-day,’ ‘Life of William Black,’ etc.

REID, Hon. Whitelaw, A.M., LL.D. ; editor of the ‘New York Tribune; Ex-U.S. Minister to France.

REILLY, A. Adams; part-author of ‘Life and Letters of J. D. Forbes.’

RENARD, Professor N.; Brussels.

RENTON, A. Wood, LL.B.; Puisne Judge, Mauritius.

RENWICK, I. P. A., M.A., LL.B; assistant editor of the ‘Statesman’s Tear Book.’

REYNOLDS, Osborne, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., M. Inst.C.E.; Hon. Fellow Queens’ Coll., Cambridge; Professor of Engineering, Victoria University, Man-chester; Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge, 1877 ; President, Section G, British Association, 1887; author of papers on original researches in mechanics and physics, in the Philosophical Transactions and Pro-ceedings of the Royal Society, etc.

REYNOLDS, Rev. Samuel Harvey, M.A.; Fellow, Tutor, and Classical Examiner, Brasenose Coll., Oxford; author of ‘The Ruins of Egyptian Thebes,’ ‘System of Modern History,’ ‘The Recipro-cal Influence of the Condition of Countries upon Each Other.’

RHODES, Hon. Bradford; editor of ‘The Banker’s Magazine,’ New York.

RHODES, James Ford, LL.D.; author of ‘History of the Un'ited States from the Compromise to 1850.’

RICCI, Luigi; Hon. Sec. of the Dante Society; served under Garibaldi in 1866; Lecturer to the London Society for the Extension of University Teaching; author of ‘Italian Principia,’ ‘Dante’s New Life,’ etc.

RICHARD, Henry, M.P. for the Merthyr Boroughs, 1867-88; Secretary to the Peace Society, 1848-85; member of Royal Commission on Education for Wales, 1886 ; author of ‘The Effects of the Civil War in England on the National Liberties,’ etc, ‘The Recent Progress of International Arbitration.’

RICHARDS, Robert Hallowell, Sc. B.; Professor of Mining, Engineering, and Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RICHARDSON, Charles Francis, A.M., Ph.D.; Professor of English, Dartmouth College, N.H. ; author of ‘History of American Literature,’ ‘The Choice of Books,’ etc.

RICHARDSON, Professor Rufus B. ; Director of American School of Classical Studies, Athens.

RICHMOND, Sir William Blake, R.A., M.A., K.C.B. ; Slade Professor at Oxford, 1878-1883; President of Society of Miniature Painters, 1899.

RICKETTS, Charles; English printer, artist, and wood-engraver; one of the founders of the Vale Press; decorated ‘Early Poems of John Milton,’ ‘The Poems of Keats,’ etc,

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