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Surnames: WIL-WIR

WILHELM, C.; designer of theatrical spectacle; author of ‘Essays on Ballet and Spectacle,’ etc.

WILKINS, Augustus Samuel, LL.D., Litt.D.; Professor of Latin and Comparative Philology, Owens College, Manchester, from 1860 ; author of ‘The Light of the World,’ ‘Phoenicia and Israel,’ ‘National Edu-cation in Greece in the Fourth Century before Christ,’ ‘Roman Antiquities,’ ‘Roman Literature.’

WILKINSON, H. F. ; late editor of ‘The Field’; author of ‘Modern Athletics.’

WILKINSON, Henry Spenser M.A.; on staff of the ‘Morning Post’ ; author of ‘Citizen Soldiers,’ ‘Essays on the War Game,’ ‘Exercises in Strategy and Tactics’ (from the German), ‘The Great Alter-native, a Plea for a National Policy,’ ‘The Command of the Sea,’ ‘The Brain of the Navy,’ ‘British Policy in South Africa,’ ‘Lessons of the War,’ ‘War and Policy.’

WILLCOX, Walter F., LL.B., Ph.D.; Chief Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau; Professor of Social Science and Statistics, Cornell University; Member of the American Social Science Association, and Secretary of the American Economical Association; author of ‘The Divorce Problem: A Study in Statistics,’ ‘Social Statistics of the United States,’ etc.

WILLEY, Arthur, M.A., D.Sc., F. R.S.; Curator of the Colombo Museum; formerly Tutor of Columbia University, New York; author of ‘Amphioseus and the Ancestry of the Vertebrates.’

WILLIAMS, Aneurin; author of ‘Relation of Co-operative Movements to National and International Commerce,’ etc.

WILLIAMS, Lieut.-Col. A.B.; 7th Battalion, Ride Brigade.

WILLIAMS, E. H., M.D.; formerly Associate Professor ol Pathology, State University of Iowa; and Assistant Physician at the Hospital for the Insane, Matteawan, N.Y., and at the Manhattan State Hospital, N.Y.

WILLIAMS, Sir E. Leader ; consulting engineer, Manchester Ship Canal ; engaged as engineer since 1846 on the works of the Great Northern Railway, etc. ; chief engineer of the Manchester Ship Canal during its construction; author of papers printed in Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers.

WILLIAMS, Henry Smith, M.D., B.Sc.; former lecturer in the Hartford School of Sociology, U.S.A. ; editor of forthcoming ‘History of the World’ in 25 volumes; author of ‘The Story of Nineteenth Century Science,’ ‘The History of the Art of Writing,’ ‘The Lesson of Heredity,’ etc.

WILLIAMS, James, D.C.L.; Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxford; Hon. LL.D., Yale; author of ‘The Schoolmaster and the Law,’ ‘Wills and Succession,’ ‘The Institutes of Justinian, illustrated by English Law,’ and other works on legal questions; also of ‘A Lawyer’s Leisure,’ ‘Ethandune,’ ‘Simple Stories of London,’ in verse.

WILLIAMS, Richard; Newtown, Montgomery-shire.

WILLIAMS, R. Vaughan. B.A ; Mus. Doc., Trinity College, Cambridge.

WILLIAMS, Hon. Talcott; editor of the ‘Philadelphia Press.’

WILLIAMSON, Benjamin, D.Sc., D.C.L., F.R.S. ; Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin; Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Dublin, 1884; author of Treatise on the Differential Calculus,’ ‘Mathematical Theory of Stress and Strain,’ and other mathematical works.

WILLIAMSON, George C.. Litt.D., F.R.S.L.; author of ‘Portrait Miniatures,’ ‘Richard Cosway, R.A., and his Companions,’ ‘George Engleheart,’ ‘Andrew and Nathaniel Plimer,’ ‘Pietro Perugino,’ ‘Bernardino Luini,’ etc.

WILLIAMSON, William Crawford, LL.D., F. R. S. ; formerly Professor of Botany, Owens College, Manchester; lectured on Science for the Gilchrist trustees; made extensive and valuable investigations in geology, zoology, and botany, particularly in palaeobotany.

WILLSON, Beckles; on staft of ‘Boston Globe,’ U.S.A., 1887; correspondent in Cuba, 1888; editor, ‘Press of Atlanta,’ Georgia, 1889; staff of ‘New York Herald,’ 1890; staff of ‘London Daily Mail,’ 1896-98; author of ‘Harold: an Experiment,’ 1891, ‘Drift,’ 1893, ‘The Tenth Island,’ 1897, ‘The Great Company,’ 1899.

WILSON, Andrew, M.B., Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Lecturer on Zoology and Comparative Ana-tomy, Edinburgh Medical School ; formerly Examiner, Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow; author of ‘Studies in Life and Sense,’ ‘Chapters on Evolu-tion,’ ‘Leaves from a Naturalist’s Note-Book,’ ‘Ele-ments of Zoology,’ ‘Brain and Nerve,’ etc.

WILSON, Charles Heath; painter and architect; formerly Master of the Glasgow School of Art ; author of ‘Life and Works of Michelangelo Buonarroti.’

WILSON Maj.-Gen. Sir Charles Willia R.E., WC.B., K.C.M.G., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R secretary to North American Boundary Commission, 1858-62 ; surveys of Jerusalem and Palestine, 1864-66 ; survey of Sinai, 1868-69 ; British Commissioner Servian Boundary Commission, 1878-79; Consul-Gen. Anatolia, 1879-82; served in Egypt, 1882-83; Nile Ex-pedition, 1884-85; Director-Gen. Ordnance Survey, 1886-94; Director-Gen. of Military Education, 1895--1898 ; President Geographical Section British Associa-tion, Belfast, 1874 ; Bath, 1888; author of ‘Notes to Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem,’ ‘From Korti to Khartûm,’ ‘Life of Lord Clive,’ Murray’s Handbooks to ‘Constantinople’ and ‘Asia Minor.’

WILSON, Sir Daniel; Hon. Sec. of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries, 1845 ; Professor of History and English Literature, Toronto University, 1853: President of Toronto University, 1885; author of ‘Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate,’ ‘The Archm-ology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland,’ ‘Chatter-ton, a Biographical Study,’ ‘Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh.’

WILSON, Henry Bringhurst; formerly of the British Museum.

WILSON; John, LL.D.; Principal of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, 1846-50 ; Professor of Agriculture and Rural Economy, Edinburgh University, 1854-85 ; commissioner to the British agricultural department in the exhibition at Paris; author of ‘Our Farm Crops,’ and other works on agriculture.

WILSON, Rev. John, M.A.; of Abernyte, Forfar-shire; author of Aenigma Vitae,’ ‘Thomas Carlyle,’ etc.

WILSON, Robert; formerly Lecturer on Animal Physiology to the School of Art, Edinburgh; editor of ‘The Human Race.’

WILSON, William; of theVictoria Baths, Glasgow; author of ‘Swimming, Diving, and How to Save Life,’ ‘The Swimming Instructor.’

WILSON, W. J.; of the Canadian Geological Survey.

WINCHESTER, The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Herbert Edward Ryle, D.D.; Warburton Lecturer 1899-1903; Fellow, King’s Coll., Cambridge, 1881; Divinity. Lecturer at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1861-84, etc. ; Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge University, 1887-1901; Presi-dent of Queen’s College, Cambridge, 1896-1001; Bishop of Exeter, 1900-1903; author of ‘The, Canon of the Old Testament,’ ‘The Early Narratives of Genesis,’ ‘Commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah,’ ‘Philo and Holy Scripture,’ etc.

WINSOR, Justin, LL.D.; Librarian of Harvard College, 1877; President of the American Library Association from 1876 to 1886; Superintenclent of Boston Public Library, 1868-77; author of ‘Memorial History of Boston,’ ‘The Reader’s Handbook of the American Revolution; editor of ‘Narrative and Critical History of America,’ ‘Bibliography of Original Quartos and Folios of Shakespeare.

WINTER, Miss E. G. ; contributor to ‘The Times’ Gazetteer.

WIREN, Axel, Ph.D. Professor of Comparative Anatomy, and Director of the Zootomical Laboratory, Univ. of Upsala ; formerly Professor of Zoology.

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