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Italian and Dutch Writers on Aesthetics

There are a few writers on aesthetic subjects to be found in Italian and Dutch literature, but they have little of original speculation.

The Italian as Pagano and Muratori, follow French and English writers.

One Dutch writer, Franz Hemsterhuis (18th century), is worth naming. His philosophic views are an attempt at reconciliation between the sensational and the intuitive systems of knowledge. The only faculty of true knowledge is an internal sense, nevertheless all true knowledge comes through the senses. The soul, desiring immediate and complete knowledge, and being limited by its union with the senses, which are incapable of perfectly simultaneous action, strives to gain the greatest number if the elements of cognition or ideas in the shortest possible time. In proportion as this effort is successful, the knowledge is attended with enjoyment. The highest measure is attended with enjoyment. The highest measure of this delight is given by beauty, wherefore it may be defined as that which affords the largest number of ideas in the shortest time.

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