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Further Reading on Aesthetics

Among works on the history of aesthetic doctrines, the student may be referred to the following:--

In German literature, which contains the most complete histories, Max Schasler’s Kritische Geschichte der Aesthetik, forming the first two volumes of an aesthetic system, is the fullest. Still he hardly does justice to English writers, there being no mention of Alison and recent thinkers. His stand-point is only definable as a new modification of Hegelianism.

Zimmermann’s Geschichte der Aesthetik is also to be recommended. Lotze’s Geschichte der Aesthetik in Deutschland is a highly critical resume of German systems, characterised by a good deal of caution, and a desire to mediate between opposing views, and if not very definite in its result, very appreciative and suggestive of the many-sidedness of the subject.

In French, Leveque’s work, La Science du beau, contains a very fair account of the most conspicuous systems, ancient and modern.

In our own literature, numerous references to other systems are to be found in the essays of Alison; and Jeffrey attempts a brief historical survey of the doctrines of beauty in his article on the subject. Dugald Stewart’s essays mostly fall into critical examination of the chief theories of beauty. Finally, Professor Bain, in his Compendium of Mental and Moral Science, supplies a brief but careful account of most of the known theories of the Beautiful. (J. S.)

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The above article was written by: James Sully, M.A., LL.D.; Grote Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic, University College, London, from 1892; author of Sensation and Intuition, Outlines of Psychology, etc.

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