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(22) Afghanistan - Bibliography. Further Reading.

Elphinstone’s Caubool; various papers in J. As. Soc. Bengal; Ferrier’s Journeys, and Hist. of the Afghans; Bellew’s Journal, Report on the Yusufzais and Notes on Flora of Afgh.; Jame’s Report on Peshawar District; Raverty’s Afghan Grammar; Panjab Trade Report; Baber’s Memoirs; Kaye’s History; papers by Major Lumsden, and by Lieut.-Col. C.M. Macgregor, &c. The paragraph on the Animal Kingdom has been revised by Prof. Henry Giglioli of Florence.

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This article was written by: Col. Sir Henry Yule, R.E., K.C.S.I., C.B., Secretary of Public Works Department, India, 1857-62; edited The Book of Marco Polo for the Hakluyt Society; author The Book of the African Squadron Vindicated, Fortifications, and The Mission to the Court of Ava, 1855.

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