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(g) The Tuarick (or the Tuareg)

The Tuarick are a people spread in various tribes through the greater portion of the Sahara. The expedition under Richardson, Barth, and Overweg, who traversed and explored a great portion of the Tuarick territories, has greatly added to our knowledge of these people. The following are the names and localities of the principal tribes: -

1. Tanelkum, located in Fezzan.
2. Azghers,
a. Ouraghen, family of Shafou, located at Ghat
b. Emanghasatan, family of Hateetah, located at Ghat
c. Amana, family of of Jabour, located at Ghat
3. Aheethanaran, the tribe of Janet.
4. Hagar (Ahagar), pure Hagars and Maghatah. They occupy the tract between Ghat, Tuat, and Timbuktu.
5. Sagamaram, located on the route from Aisou to Tuat.
6. Kailouees, including the Kailouees proper, the Kaltadak, and the Kalfadai.
7. Kilgris, including the Kilgris proper, the Iteesan, and the Ashraf. These and the tribes under the preceding head inhabit the kingdom of Ahir.
8. Oulimad, tribes surrounding Timbuktu in great numbers. This , probably identical with the Sorghou, is the largest and most powerful tribe, while the Tanelkums are the smallest and weakest.

The various tribes are very different in their characters, but they are all fine men, tall, straight, and handsome. They exact a tribute from all the caravans traversing their country, which chiefly furnishes them with the means of subsistence. They are most abstemious, their food consisting principally of coarse brown bread, dates, olives, and water. Even on the heated desert,, where the thermometer generally is from 90° to 120°, they are clothed from head to foot, and cover the face up to the eyes with a black or coloured handkerchief.

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