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Algeria: Revenue

In 1840 the revenue amounted to 5,610,706 frs. and the expenditure to 7,206,372 frs. In 1850 these were respectively 19,632.271 frs. and 2 7,959,358 frs; in 1860, 38908,900 frs. and 39,471.372 frs.; and in 1870, 45,360,859 frs. and 51,762,316 frs. or £1,814,434 and £2,070,492. This expenditure does not include the cost of the maintenance of the army, the expenditure for public works, and other large sums disbursed by the home government. In the French financial estimates for 1873 the home expenditure for Algeria was set down at 24,496,109 frs. or £979,844, and the revenue derived from the colony at 19,008,584 frs. or £760,343. According to a statement made in the French legislative assembly in 1864, Algeria had cost the mother country three milliards of frances, or £120,000,000 in money and 150,000 lives. The French army in Algeria numbers about 60,000 men, and consists of two classes, namely, French troops, who remain there for a certain number of years, and then return to France; and native troops, who never quit the country except for fighting purposes.

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