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Table 1. -- Chains and Anchors for Steam Vessels required by Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping (1874). Minimum Weights of Anchors ex. Stock, Sizes and Length of the Chain Cables, and the Proof Strain to which they are to b tested; also Sizes and Length of Hawsers and Warps, -- the Anchors and the Links of the Chains to be of unexceptionable form and proportions.


(1) The rules of the building and classification of iron ships provide that "their equipment is to be regulated by the numbr produced by the sum of the measurements of the half moulded breadth of the vessel amidships, her depth from the upper part of keel to the top of the upper deck beams, and the girth of her half midship section to the same height, multiplied by the vessels length, for a one, two, and threedecked vessel, and for a spar-decked steam vessel."

(2) two of the bower anchors must not be less than the weight set forth above ; in the third a reduction of 15 per cent. will be allowed.

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