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The Bream

The bream (Cyprinus brama). It is said that there are two kinds of bream, -- the small white bream (flat) and the big olive-coloured bream.

Bream or Carp Bream image

Fig. 25 -- The Bream or Carp Bream

Much that applies to the barbel applies also to the bream. The same baits and the same methods of fishing must be adopted, but if possible finer tackle us required. Perhaps if there is one bait the bream likes better than another, it is two or three brandling or red worms stuck on the hook. Otherwise his taste resembles the barbel's. Barbel and bream are commonly caught in the same swim, but bream like to have a deep quiet eddy to lie in.

They are a curious fish, suddenly appearing in places where they have never been seen before, and after stopping for a year or two, as suddenly disappearing.

They run up to 7 lb, and in the Thames average from 1 lb to 4 lb. They are a very fair fish for the table, and fry well. Size of hooks, 4, 5, 6.

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