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Part 1: Familiar Ants (Formica) vs Termites/White Ants.

Part 2: Hymenoptera order, to which Familiar Ants (Formica) Belong. Early Descriptions of Ants. Grain-Storing Ants.
Part 3: Bibliography of Ants.
Part 4: Three Types of Ants: Males, Females and Neuters. Life Cycle of Ants.
Part 5: Nervous System of Ants. Role of Instinct.
Part 6: Sense of Vision, Smell, etc. Communication and Language.
Part 7: Food of Ants.
Part 8: Ant Nests.
Part 9: Slave-Making Ants.
Part 10. Ants of South and Central America. Foraging Ants (Eciton).
Part 11: Leafcutting Ants (Oecodoma). Gigantic Black Ants. Pseudomyrma bicolor. Soldier Ants.
Part 12: Ant Reproduction and Development. Ant Stings. Enemies of Ants. Effects of Poisons on Ants.


Part 13: Termites: Organised Communities; Life Cycle; Distribution.
Part 14: Termite Nests.
Part 15: Exodus or Swarming of Termites.

Part 16: Further Reading on Ants.

The above article was written by Andrew Wilson, M.B., Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.L.S., F.Z.S., Lecturer in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, Edinburgh Medical School; formerly Examiner, Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow; author of Studies in Life and Sense; Chapters in Evolution; Leaves from a Naturalist's Note-Book; Elements of Zoology; Brain and Nerve; etc.

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