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"Ape" Article -- Table of Contents

(A) The Ape - Introduction
Part 1. Introduction to Apes.

(B) Apes Classified by Family, Sub-Family and Genera
Part 2. The Ape: Families, Sub-Families and Genera.

-- (a) Family I: Simidae

Part 3. Ape: Family I - Simiadae, Sub-Family 1 - Simiinae. Orang.
Part 4. Ape: Family I - Simiadae, Sub-Family 1 - Simiinae. Chimpanzee. Gorilla.
Part 5. Ape: Family I - Simiadae, Sub-Family 1 - Simiinae. Gibbons.
Part 6. Ape: Family I - Simiadae, Sub-Family 2 - Semnopithecinae. Hanuman. Kahan (Proboscis Monkey).
Part 7. Ape: Family I - Simiadae, Sub-Family 3: Cynopithecinae. Macaques. Baboons.

-- (b) Family II: Cebidae

Part 8. Ape: Family II - Cebidae.
Part 9. Ape: Family II - Cebidae, Sub-Family 1: Cebinae. Spider Monkeys. Woolly Monkeys. Sapajous.
Part 10. Ape: Family II - Cebidae, Sub-Family 2: Mycetinae. Howling Monkeys.
Part 11. Ape: Family II - Cebidae, Sub-Family 3: Pithiciniiae. Sakis (Saki Monkeys).
Part 12. Ape: Family II - Cebidae, Sub-Family 4: Nyctipithecinae.
Part 13. Ape: Family II - Cebidae, Sub-Family 5; Hapalinae. Marmosets.

-- (c) Subdivisions of the Ape Group
Part 14. Subdivisions of the Ape Group: Synoptic View.

(C) The Anatomy of Apes
Part 15. Ape Anatomy - Introduction. The External Form and Clothing.
Part 16. Ape Skeleton - Introduction. The Axial Skeleton - The Skull.
Part 17. Ape Skeleton - Vertebral Column: Introduction; Cervical Region; Dorsal Vertebrae; Sacrum.
Part 18. Ape Skeleton - Caudal Vertebrae; Metapophyses; Anapophyses; Sternum; Ribs; Thorax.
Part 19. Ape Skeleton - Appendicular Skeleton: Introduction; Scapula; Clavicle; Humerus.
Part 20. Ape Skeleton - Appendicular Skeleton: Hand; Phallanges (Fingers).
Part 21. Ape Skeleton - Appendicular Skeleton: Pelvic Limbs; Ilium; Ischium; Femur; Tibia; Fibula.
Part 22. Ape Skeleton - Appendicular Skeleton: Foot; Phallanges (Toes).
Part 23. The Muscles of the Ape.
Part 24. The Brain of the Ape.
Part 25. The Teeth of the Ape.
Part 26. The Organs of Nutrition and Excretion of the Ape.
Part 27. The Generative [Reproductive] Organs of the Ape.

(D) Special Topics
Part 28. The Distribution of Apes over Time.
Part 29. The Geographical Distribution of the Apes.
Part 30. The Zoological Position and Affinities of the Apes.

(E) Further Reading
Part 31. Bibliography on Apes

The above article was written by St. George Jackson Mivart, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S., formerly Lecturer on Zoology at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, and Professor of the Philosophy of Biology at the University of Louvain; author of Genesis of Species; Man and Apes; and Lessons in Elementary Anatomy.

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