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Further Reading on Aqueducts

For further information on the subject of ancient aqueducts, see E. Curtius, "Ueber Städtlische Wasserbauten der Hellene," in Archäologische Zeitung, 1847; Sextus Julius Frontinus, De Aquaeductibus Urbis Romae Libri II., with the Commentaries of Polenus (Patav.1722) and Rondelet (Paris, 1820); Raphael Fabretti, De Aquis et Aquaeductibus Veteris Romae Dissertatio; Plinii Hist. Nat. lib. xxxvi. Cap. xv.; Montfaucon, Antiquité Expliquée, tome iv. tab. 128; Governor Pownall’s Notes and Description of Antiquities in the Provincia Romana of Gaul; Belidor’s Architecture Hydraulique, containing a drawing of the aqueduct of Maintenon; also Mém. Acad. Par.; Andreossy, Voyage à l’Embouchure de Mer Noire, ou Essai sur le Bosphore; Philosophical Transactions Abridged, vol. i.; and Link’s Travels in Portugal.

And for modern aqueducts, see Rickman’s Life of Telford, 1838; Schramke’s New York Croton Aqueduct; Second Annual Report of the Department of Public Works of the City of New York in 1872; Mémoires sur les Eaux de Paris, presentes par le Préfet de la Seine au Conseil Municipal, 1854 and 1858; Recherches statistiques sur les sources du Bassin de la Seine, par M. Belgrand, Ingenieur en chef des ponts et chaussées, 1854. "Description of Mechanical arrangements of the Manchester Waterworks," by John Frederic Bateman, F.R.S., Engineer-in-chuef, from the Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1866; The Glasgow Waterworks, by James M. Gale, Member Inst. C.E. 1863 and 1864; The Report of the Royal Commission on Water Supply, and the Minutes of Evidence, 1867 and 1868. (A. S. M. -- J. F. B.)

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Alexander Stuart Murray, LL.D., F.S.A.; Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, from 1886; author of History of Greek Sculpture, Handbook of Greek Archaeology, Designs from Greek Vases, and Terra-Cotta Sarcophagi;


John Frederick Latrobe Bateman, C.E., F.R.S., President of the Institute of Civil Engineers, 1878-79; planned the water supply of Manchester, of Glasgow, and many other towns; author of History and Description of the Manchester Waterworks, and On the Supply of Water to London.

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