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Bhagalpur (division), British India

BHAGALPUR, a division or commissionership of British India, under the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, comprising the districts of Bhagalpur, Monghir, SantAl Pargan&s, and Purniah, lies between 23 and 27° N. lat., and 85° and 89° E. long. It is bounded on the N. by the independent state of Nepal and the British district of Dirjiling; on the E. by the districts of Jalp&iguri, Dinajpur, Mdldah, Murshiddbdd, and Bfrbhum; on the S. by the districts of Bfrbhum, Mdnbhiim, and Haz^rfbagh; and on the W. by the districts of Gaya, Patn&, and Tirhut. According to the census report of 1872, Bh&galpur division contained an area of 18,685 square miles, with a total population, of 6,613,358 (i.e., 354 to the square mile), in-habiting 19,247 villages and 1,801,497 houses. Of this population, 4,925,714, or 74-5 per cent., are Hindus; 1,121,630, or 17-0 per cent., Mahometans; 2469 Chris-tians ; 53 Buddhists ; 563,492, or 8'5 per cent., of unspeci-fied religion, chiefly consisting of aboriginal tribes.

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