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Bhagalpur (town), British India

BHAGALPUR, the principal town of the district and division of the same name, situated on the right bank of the Ganges, here seven miles wide, in 25" 11' N. lat. and 87° E. long. The town is two miles in length and a mile in width, but lies in a low, open valley, and consists of scattered market-places meanly built. Its most interesting objects are two ancient round towers, each about 70 feet high. Adjacent to the town are the two Cleveland monu-ments, one erected by Government, and the other by the Hindus, to the memory of the civilian, who, at the end of last century, " by conciliation, confidence, and benevo-lence, attempted and accomplished the entire subjection of the lawless and savage inhabitants of the Jungleterry of RajmahaL" BhAgalpur is the headquarters of the com-missioner of the division and of the judge and collector of the district; it is also a station of the East Indian Bailway. Its Government school was attended by 361 pupils in 1872. In the same year the town contained a population of 69,678 souls, of whom 50,673, or 72 per cent., are Hindus; 18,455, or 26 per cent., Mahometans; 19 were Buddhists, 342 Christians, and 189 unclassified. Municipal income, in 1872, £2951, 6s.; expenditure, £3470,14s.; incidence of municipal taxation, 10^d. per head of the town population.

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