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Cabul (province), Afghanistan

CABUL (Kabul), is also the name of the province includ-ing the city so called. It may be considered to embrace the whole of the plains called Koh-daman and Beghram, &c, to the Hindu Kush northward, with the Kohestan or hill country adjoining so far as it is in actual subjection to the Amir's authority. Eastward it extends to the border of Jahtlabad at Jagdalak ; southward it includes the Loghar district, and extends to the border of Ghazni; north-west-ward it includes the Paghman hills, and the valley of the upper Kahul Biver, and so to the Koh-i-Baba. Roughly it embraces a territory of about 100 miles square. Wheat and barley are the staple products of the arable tracts. Artificial grasses are also much cultivated, and fruits largely, especially in the Koh-daman. A considerable part of the population spends the summer in tents. The villages ___ not enclosed by fortifications, but contain small private castles or fortalices. The revenue of Cabul province has been stated at £180,000.
For the CABUL RIVER, see fully under AFGHANISTAN.

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