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Part 1. Introduction. History of Canada.
Part 2. Extent. Population. Population. Indians. Nationalities.
Part 3. Climate.

Part 4. Fruits and Vegetables. Flowers.

Part 5. Forests.
Part 6. Animals. Fisheries. Furs.
Part 7. Cultivated Land and Agricultural Products.
Part 8. Minerals.
Part 9. Trade of Canada.
Part 10. Railways. Telegraphs. Banks.
Part 11. Commerce and Wealth: Summary
Part 12. Administration of Justice.
Part 13. Education.

Part 14. General Remarks. Observations by Earl of Dufferin, 1874.

The above article was written by Sir Daniel Wilson, Hon. Sec of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries, 1845; Professor of History and English Literature, Toronto University, 1853; President of Toronto University, 1885; author of Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate, The Archaeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland, Chatterton, a Biographical Study, and Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh.

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