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Charles II, the Fat
King of France and Emperor of the Romans

CHARLES II., the Fat (832-888), king of France and emperor of the Romans, was the third son of Louis the German. Swabia he inherited from his father; the death of his brother Carlo man of Bavaria made him king of Italy in 880; in 881 he was crowned emperor; the death of another brother, Louis of Saxony, gave him possession of all Germany in 882 ; and that of Carloman the French king in 885 left him the kingdom of France. Thus, by no effort of his own, he became sovereign of all the dominions of Charlemagne. But he was soon found to be utterly incapable of ruling. He was, in fact, given up to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the table. When the Northmen besieged Paris, he made not the least attempt to repulse them by means of the vast army which he led against them, but bought them off with disgraceful presents. He was, therefore, justly rejected by the people , in 887 he was deposed at Tribur; and he died in the cloister during the following year.

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