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Charles XIII
King of Sweden

CHARLES XIII. (1748-1818), king of Sweden, was the second son of Adolphus Frederick and of Louisa Ulrica, sister of Frederick the Great. He was educated for the office of high-admiral, and commanded with credit against the Russians. On the accession of his brother Gustavus III., in support of whom he exerted all his influence, he was appointed governor of Stockholm and created duke of Sudermania; and he became regent when Gustavus was assassinated in 1792. In 1796 Gustavus IV. came to his majority, and Charles retired from political life. But when Sweden was threatened by the arms of Napoleon, Gustavus directed his forces with an incapacity so remark-able that the people refused any longer to bear his govern-ment. In March 1809 he was obliged to abdicate; and in May the crown was offered to Charles. A year after, Prince Christian, the heir appointed by the States, having died, Charles, yielding to the wish of the nation, nomi-nated Charles Bernadotte prince royal, and gave the government into his hands, though still retaining the title and some of the dignity of king. After occupying this position for eight years, Charles died in February 1818.

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