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Ephraim Chambers
English author and encyclopedist

EPHRAIM CHAMBERS, an English author, was born at Kendal, Westmoreland, in the latter part of the 17th century. He was apprenticed to a globe-maker, but having conceived the plan of his Cyclopaedia, he left this business, and devoted himself entirely to writing. The first edition of the Cyclopaedia, which was the result of many years' intense application, appeared by subscription in 1728, in two vols. fol. It was dedicated to the king, and procured for Mr Chambers the honour of being elected fellow of the Royal Society. In less than ten years a second edition was printed, with corrections and additions (in 1738); and this was followed by a third a year later. In addition to the Cyclopaedia, Mr Chambers wrote for the Literary Magazine, and translated the History and Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris (1742), and the Jesuits' Perspective. He died in 1740.

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