1902 Encyclopedia > Jean-François Champollion

Jean-Jacques Champollion-Figeac
French classicist and librarian

JEAN JACQUES CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC, (1778-1867), elder brother of Jean François Champollion, was born at Figeac, in 1778. He became professor of Greek and librarian at Grenoble, then librarian of the imperial library at Paris, and, when he lost this post in 1828, librarian to Louis Napoleon at Fontainebleau. He edited several of his brother's works, and was also author of a number of original works on philological and historical subjects, among which may be mentioned—Nouvelles recherches sur les patois ou idiomes vulgaires de la France (1809), Annales des Lagides (1819), Paléographie ancienne et moderne (1839-41), Louis et Charles d'Orléans (1843).

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