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Part 1. Chemical Ideas in the Ancient World (Greeks, Hindus, Chinese)
Part 2. Alchemy
Part 3. The Spagyrists. Paracelsus.
Part 4. The Iatrochemists: Francis de la Boë. Glauber.
Part 5. Robert Boyle
Part 6. Kunckel. Becher. Stahl. Phlogiston.
Part 7. Phlogiston (cont.) Hooke. Mayow.
Part 8. Newton. Hales. Black.
Part 9. Joseph Priestley
Part 10. Henry Cavendish
Part 11. Scheele
Part 12. Bergman. Geoffroy. Wenzel. Richter.
Part 13. Lavoisier
Part 14. John Dalton
Part 15.
Gay-Lussac. Avogadro. Berzelius. Dumas. Gerhardt.
Part 16. Electrochemical Science. Michael Faraday.

The above article was written by F.H. Butler, Associate of the Royal School of Mines.

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