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Part 1. Christianity - Introduction. The Two Factors in Christianity.
Part 2. Christianity and Christ
Part 3. The Relation of Christ and Christianity To What Went Before
Part 4. The Relation of Jesus to His Contemporaries
Part 5. Christianity and the Future
Part 6. Christianity and the Bible. Definition.
Part 7. Preparation of the World for the Entrance of Christianity
Part 8. The Problem of Christianity. The Kingdom of God.
Part 9. The Influence of Judaism on Christianity
Part 10. The Influence of Rome on Christianity
Part 11. Roman Treatment of Christianity
Part 12. The Influence of Pagan Philosophy on Christianity
Part 13. The Influence of Pietism on Christianity
Part 14. The Successes and Failures of Early Christianity
Part 15. Early Progress of Christianity. Causes of Its Progress.
Part 16. Pagan Immorality in the Early Christian Era
Part 17. The Social Influence of Early Christianity
Part 18. Political Influence of Early Christianity
Part 19. Christianity and Science
Part 20. The Constitution of the Christian Community. The Synagogue System.
Part 21. Christian Office Bearers
Part 22. The Apostles in the Christian Community
Part 23. The Growth of the Episcopate
Part 24. Montanism and the Episcopate
Part 25. The Corruptions of Christianity
Part 26. Bibliography - History of Christianity; Church History

The above article was written by Rev. Thomas M. Lindsay, D.D., Principal and formerly Professor of Divinity and Church History, United Free Church, Glasgow; translated Ueberweg's System of Logic; author of The Reformation, and of commentaries on Acts of the Apostles and St Luke's Gospel.

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