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Louis Henry Joseph Condé
French nobleman

LOUIS HENRY JOSEPH CONDÉ, (1756-1830), duke of Bourbon, and last prince of Condé, was the son of Louis Joseph, prince of Condé. Several of the earlier events of his life,especially his marriage with the Princess Louise of Orleans, and the duel that the prince of Artois provoked by raising the veil of the princess at a masked ball, caused much scandal. At the Revolution he fought with the army of the emigres in Liege. Between the return of Napoleon at Elba and the battle of Waterloo, he headed with no success a royalist rising in La Vendée. In 1829 he appointed the Due d'Aumale his heir; and exactly a year after he was found strangled with a handkerchief round his neck. A famous trial was the consequence, in which no verdict was given.

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