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Cornelius De Witt
(Cornelis de Witt)
Grand Pensionary of Holland and brother of John De Witt

CORNELIUS DE WITT, (1623-1672), brother of the more celebrated John De Witt, was born at Dort in 1623. In 1650 he became burgomaster of his native town, and member of the states of Holland and West Friesland. He was throughout life closely associated with his brother, whoso opinions he shared, and whom he supported with great ability and vigour. Of the eight deputies appointed in 1672 to accompany the naval and military commanders, he was the one selected to go with De Buyter, and in action he displayed remarkable courage, as he had done under similar circumstances in 1667. Compelled by sick-ness to leave the fleet, he found on his return to Dort that the revocation of the Perpetual Edict had been signed by his fellow magistrates. He was forced in his sick-room to follow their example, but added after his name the initials V.C. (vi coactus). See next article [JOHN DE WITT].

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