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Part 1: Dogs: Introduction. Domesticated Dogs compared with Wild Dogs

Part 2: Dogs and Humans over the Centuries

Part 3: Behaviour and Psychology of Dogs

Part 4: Wolf Dogs (Huskies, Sheep Dogs, Newfoundland Dogs, Great St Bernhards)

Part 5: Greyhounds

Part 6: Spaniels (Common Spaniels, Water Dogs, Setters, King Charles’s and Blenheim Spaniels, and Maltese Dogs)

Part 7: Hounds (Bloodhounds, Staghounds, Foxhounds, Harriers, Beagles, Pointers, Dalmations)

Part 8: Mastiffs (including Bulldogs and Pugs)

Part 9: Terriers (English, Scotch, Skye and Bull Terriers; Turnspits)

The above article was written by John Gibson; author of Science Gleanings in Many Fields, Chips from the Earth's Crust, and Great Waterfalls, Cateracts, and Geysers.

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"The Monks of New Skete have been raising and training dogs for over 30 years at their Cambridge, New York, monastery, and this volume-updated from the 1978 version-offers solid insights on dog training, behavior, grooming, feeding and a host of other topics. Whether discussing country, city or suburban dogs, the monks dispense good advice on humane care, such as admonishing owners to avoid "canine incarceration," i.e., leaving a dog confined alone for long periods of time. While the book does contain many useful, tried-and-true techniques for obedience-stay, heel, down-stay, recall and the like-its unique value lies in the monks' insights and thoughts about the human-canine bond."
-- Publisher's Weekly

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