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DOUGLAS, the commercial capital of the Isle of Man, and a favourite watering-place, stands on a fine semicircular bay on the east coast of the island, at the junction of the Dhoo and Glass, in 54" 10' N. lat. and 4° 26' W. long. The older streets, as is usual with seaport towns, are ir-regular and narrow, but the modern ones, on terraces rising beyond the old town, are handsome and spacious. Among the public buildings may be noticed Castle Mona (now converted into a hotel), the " tower of refuge," on a danger-ous rock in the bay, the court-house, the house of industry, the public hospital, and the theatre, which has accommo-dation for 1000 persons. The ancient parish church of Braddan, partially rebuilt in 1773, has been replaced by a more modern building. There are four chapels and dis-trict churches—St Matthew's, St George's, St Barnabas's, and St Thomas's; and the Roman Catholics, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists, Congregationalists, and Scotch Pres-byterians have also places of worship. The salubrity of the climate, the peculiar characteristics of the surrounding scenery, and the cheapness of living render Douglas a favourite resort. There is communication daily in summer with Liverpool, Fleetwood, and Barrow, twice or thrice weekly with Ireland, and occasionally with Glasgow. The harbour is dry at low water; but vessels drawing not more than 10 feet may enter during neap tides, and those draw-ing not more than 14 feet during spring tides. A splendid new pier, at which passengers can land and embark at all heights of tide, was erected in 1872, and a spacious pro-menade, inclosing the greater part of the shore, in 1876. The principal industries are the coasting trade and fisheries. Population in 1871, 13,846.

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