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Part 1. Introduction.
Part 2. Indian Drama.
Part 3. Chinese Drama.

Part 4. Japanese Drama.

Part 5. Drama of Rest of Asia, Middle East, Oceania and New World.
Part 6. Egyptian Drama.

Part 7. Greek Drama.
Part 8. Roman Drama.
Part 9. Mediaeval Drama.
Part 10. Italian Drama. Modern Greek Drama.
Part 11. Spanish and Portuguese Drama.
Part 12. French Drama.
Part 13. English Drama.
Part 14. German Drama.

Part 15. Dutch Drama.

Part 16. Scandinavian Drama.
Part 17. Russian Drama.

The above article was written by Adolphus William Ward, Litt.D., Hon. LL.D.; Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge; Master of Peterhouse from 1900; President of Royal Historical Society, 1899-1901; Vice-President of the University of Cambridge, 1901; Professor of History and Literature, Owens College, Manchester; author of The House of Austria in the Thirty Years' War, A History of English Dramatic Literature to the Death of Queen Anne, and The Counter Reformation.

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