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English Language - Bibliography

As the study of English has made immense advances within the last twelve years, it is only in works, recently published that he students will find the subject satisfactorily handled. Among those treating of the whole subject or parts of it may be mentioned—A History of English Rhythms, by Edwin Guest, London, 1838; the Philological Essays of Richard Garnett [1835-1848], edited by this son, London, 1859; The English Language, by R. G. Latham, 5th ed., London, 1862; origin and History of English Language, by G. O. Marsh, London, 1862; Lectures on the English Language, by the same, New York and London, 1863; Historische Grammatik der englischen, Sprache, by C. F. Kock, Wiemar, 1863, &c., Englische Grammatick, by Eduard Mätzner, Berlin, 1860-65 (an English translation by C. J. Grece, LL. B., London, 1874); The Philology of the English Tongue, by John Earle, M.A., Oxford, 1866; Comparative Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language, by F.A. March, New York, 1870; Historical Outlines of English Accidence, by the Rev. R. Morris, LL. D., London, 1873; Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar, by the same, London, 1874; The Sources of Standard English, by T. L. Kington Oliphant, M.A., London, 1873; Modern English, by F. Hall, London 1873; A Shakespearian Grammar, by E. A. Abbott, D.D., London, 1872; How to Parse , by the same, London, 1869-75; Early Pronunciation, 7c., by A. J. Ellis, London, 1869-75, and still in progress; The His History of English Sounds, by Henry Sweet, London, 1874; King Alfred’s Translation of Gregory’s Pastoral Care, by the same, Early Eng. Text Soc., 1871-72; On Dialects and Prehistoric Forms of English, by the same, Philolog. Soc., 1877; as well as many separate papers by various authors in the Transactions of the Philological Society, and the publications of the Early English Text Society.

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