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Ralph Erskine
Scottish cleric

RALPH ERSKINE, (1685-1752), brother of EBENEZER ERSKINE], was born 18th March 1685. After studying at the university of Edinburgh, he was licensed as a preacher in 1709, and in 1711 was ordained as assistant minister at Dunfermline. He homologated the protests which his brother laid on the table of the Assembly after being re-buked for his synod sermon, but he did not formally with-draw from the Establishment till 1737. He was also present, though not as a member, at the first meeting of the Associate Presbytery. WThen the severance took place on account of the oath administered to burgesses, he adhered, along with his brother, to the Burgher section. He died after a short illness on November 6, 1752. His works consist of sermons, poetical paraphrases, and gospel sonnets. The Gospel Sonnets have frequently appeared separately. His Life and Diary, edited by the Rev. D. Fraser, was published in 1842.

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