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The few works which treat of French philology as a whole are now in many respects antiquated, and the important discoveries of the last few years, which have revolutionized our ideas of Old French phonology and dialectology, are scattered in various editions, periodicals, and separate treatises. For many things Diez’s Grammatik der Romanischen Sprachen (4th edition- a reprint of the 3d- Bonn, 1876-77; a French translation, Paris, 1872-75, is to be followed by a supplementary volume by G. Paris ) is still very valuable; Burguy’s Grammaire de la Langue d’oil (2d edition- areprint of the 1st-Berlin, 1869-70) is useful only as a collection of examples. G. Paris edition of La Vie de S. Alexis (Paris,, 1872) was the pioneer of, and retains an important place among, the recent original works on Old French; Darmesteter and Hatzfeld’s Le Seizieme Siecle (Paris, 1878) contain the first good account of early Modern French. The leading periodicals now in existence are the Romania (Paris), founded (in 1872) and edited by P. Meyer and G. Paris; and the Zeitschrift fur Romanische Philologie (Halle), founded (in 1877) and edited by G. Grober. To these reference should be made for information as to the very numerous articles, treatises, and editions, by the many and often distinguished scholars who, especially in France and Gemany, now prosecute the scientific study of the language. It may be well to mention that, Old French phonology especially being complicated, and as yet incompletely investigated, these publications, the views in which are of various degrees of value, require not mere acquiescent reading, but critical study. (H.N.)

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