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Frederick II, surnamed the Meek
Elector and Duke of Saxony

FREDERICK II. (1411-1464), elector and duke of Saxony, surnamed the Meek, son of the former and of Catherine of Brunswick, was born August 22, 1411, and succeeded his father in 1428. His reign is remarkable only for his long-continued dispute with his uncles and brothers regarding the partition of Saxony—a dispute which, though finally settled in 1451 by the interposition of the emperor in Frederick's favour, led, in 1455, to the famous attempt by a knight named Kunz von Kaufungen to abduct the two sous of Frederick, Ernst and Albert. A graphic description of the plot and its accidental frustration will be found in a paper on the " Prinzenraub" in Mr Carlyle's Miscellaneous Works. Frederick died at Leipsic, 7th Sep-tember 1464.

For the literature connected with the "Prinzenrauh," see W. Schäfer, Der Montag vor Kiliani, 1855; and J. Gersdorf, Einige Actenstücke zur Geschichte des Saclisischen Prinzenraubes, 1855.

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