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FREDERICK, in German FRIEDRICH, the name, signifying Rich in Peace, borne by a considerable number of European (principally German) sovereigns. The most important of these, including the compound names Frederick Augustus and Frederick William, are noticed here in the following order:—the emperors, the electors of Brandenburg and kings of Prussia, the electors and kings of Saxony, and the electors palatine.

Frederick I, surnamed Barbarossa
Frederick II, surnamed Hohenstaufen
Frederick III, the Fair
Frederick IV
Frederick William, known as The Great Elector
Frederick I, King of Prussia
Frederick II (Frederick the Great) [ALR. UPLDED]
Frederick William II
Frederick William III
Frederick William IV
Frederick I, the Pugnacious
Frederick II, the Meek
Frederick III, the Wise
Frederick Augustus I
Frederick Augustus II
Frederick I, the Victorious
Frederick II, the Wise
Frederick III, the Pious
Frederick IV, the Upright
Frederick V

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