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Maps—The topographical maps of Prussia and of some North German states (scale 1:100,000) are not yet quite completed. The South German states have for the greater part finished their topographical maps, scale 1:50,000. Other good special maps, though not quite completed, are—the maps of Central Europe by Reymann (1:200,000) and by Liebenow (1:300,000), and of Germany by Stieler (1:750,000) and by Ravenstein (1:800,000).

Physical Geography.—There is still wanting a sufficiently detailed work on the physical geography of Germany as a whole, although there are some excellent descriptions of the separate provinces. For general information we may mention—Cotta, Deutschland’s Boden, 2 vols., 1853; Daniel, Deutschland, 1878; Kutzen, Das deutsche Land; Von Klöden, Geographisches Handbuch, vol. ii., 1875; Neumann, Das deutsche Reich, 2 vols., 1874; Peschel and Andree, Atlas der deutschen Reiches, 2 parts, 1876-78.

Statistics.—Since the eyar 1871 there has been established in Berlin an imperial office for statistics which does excellent work. Most of the figures in the foregoing article have been derived from these official returns. From 1871 to 1878 the same office has published 30 volumes in 4to. Under the title of Statistic des deutschen Reiches und Monatshefte der Statistik des deutschen Reiches. But the returns do not give statistics under all the heads in which the separate states collect them. Much valuable geographical, statistical, and topographical information is given in Neumann’s Das deutsche Reich. The most recent summaries are to be found year by year in the Almanach de Gotha.

Topography.—Rudolph’s Vollständinges Ortslexicon von Deutschland, 2 vols. 1870, is exact and very ample. The separate states have published lists of all places (towns, villages, hamlets, farms), according to the census of 1871. Das Reichs-Postgebiet, issued by the General Post-Office, 1878, containing about 7000 places, exclusive of Würtemberg and Bavaria, forms an excellent topographical and statistical handbook. (H. WA.)

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