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Further Reading on Recent Greek History

The authorities for this section, some of which have been men-
tioned in the previous article, are very numerous. See, e.g., the
IffTopla of Paparrhegopoulos, vols. v. and vi., and his French work
Histoire d-e la civilisation Hellenique; Finlay, vols. v. vi. and vii.;
Herzberg, vols. iii. and iv.; Karl Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Geschichta
Griechenlands von der Eriiberung Konstantinopels durch die Turken
inn Jahre 1453 bisaufunsere Tage; Sathas, 'EAAas TovpKOKparov/j.evri,
and the Chroniclers in his Bibliothecco Grccca Medii JEvi ; and
Gervinus, GescMclitc des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts, vols. v. and vi.
For the Greek Revolution, besides the four first mentioned, there
are Gordon and (in modern Greek) Trikoupis. There are many
treatises on special portions, such as those of Philemon, Perrhaevos,
Phrantzes, Colocotronis, Von Maurer, Prokesch-Osten, Parish, and
many monographs on the history of the various islands. More recent
English works are an article by Mr Gladstone, "The Hellenic Factor
in the Eastern Problem,"published first in the Contemporary Meview,
and now in his Gleanings: Freeman's Ottoman Power in Europe;
Sargeant'siVew Greece; and "Mr Gladstone and the Greek Question,"
being iii. of Diplomatic Sketches by an Outsider. (J. D.)

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