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Henry I, King of Navarre
(c. 1210 - 1274)

HENRY I. (c. 1210-1274), king of Navarre, surnamed Of le Gros, third count of Champagne, was the youngest son of Navarre. Theobald I. of Navarre by Margaret of Foix, and succeeded his eldest brother Theobald II. in December 1270. His proclamation at Pamplona, however, did not occur till March of the following year, and his coronation was delayed until May 1273. After a brief reign, characterized it is said by dignity and talent, he died in July 1274, suffocated, according to the generally received accounts, with his own fat. In him the male line of the counts of Champagne, kings of Navarre, became extinct. He was succeeded by his only legitimate child Joanna, born in 1270, by whose marriage to Philip le Bel in 1284 the crown of Navarre became for a time united to that of France.

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