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Henry II, King of Navarre

HENRY II. (1503-1555), or Henri d'Albret, titular king of Navarre, born at Sanguessa in April 1503, was the eldest son of Jean d'Albret by Catherine of Navarre; and on the death of the latter in exile in June 1516 succeeded his parents in all their claims against Ferdinand the Catholic, assuming under the protection of Francis I. of France the title of king of Navarre. After the ineffectual conferences at Noyon (1516) and at Montpellier 1518, an oactive effort was made in 1521 to establish him in the de facto sovereignty; but the French troops which, under Andre de l'Esparre, had seized the country were ultimately expelled by the Spanish viceroy, the duke of Najera. Henry, who along with Francis was taken prisoner at the battle of Pavia (1525) but afterwards contrived to escape, married Margaret, the only sister of the latter, in 1526, and by her became the father of Jeanne d'Albret, the mother of Henry IV. of France. He died at Pau on May 25, 1555.

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