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"Heraldry" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction. History.
Part 2. Divisions of Arms.
Part 3. Tinctures.

Part 4. Parts of Arms: The Escutcheon; The Ordinaries; Partition Lines; Charges.

Part 5. Common Charges - Animals.
Part 6. Common Charges - Birds.
Part 7. Common Charges - Fishes.
Part 8. Common Charges - Reptiles, Insects and Monsters.
Part 9. Common Charges - Flowers and Fruits of the Earth.
Part 10. Common Charges - Celestial Figures.
Part 11. Common Charges - Man and his Parts.
Part 12. Common Charges - Miscellaneous Objects.
Part 13. Debased Heraldry.

Part 14. Differences and Marks of Cadency.

Part 15. Rules of Blazon.
Part 16. Marshalling of Arms.
Part 17. Appendages.
Part 18. Funeral Escutcheons.
Part 19. Literature of Heraldry.

The above article was written by George Thomas Clark, formerly Deputy Lieutenant for Glamorgan; author of Mediaeval Military Architecture in England and Genealogies of the Older Families of Morgan and Glamorgan.

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