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Part 1. Definition of History. History vs Myth. History vs Chronology.
Part 2. Early History Never a Critical Investigation of Facts
Part 3. Artistic History vs Sociological History. Ancient Greeks Masters of Artistic History.
Part 4. History of History (Historiography)
Part 5. Roman Historians. Historians in Middle Ages Through to French Revolution.
Part 6. Portrait Painting in Artistic History
Part 7. The Rise of Sociological History. Inferiority of 17th Century Historians.
Part 8. 18th Century Historians Begin to Study Past (not Just Present) Eras
Part 9. 18th Century Historians' Contempt for Past Eras
Part 10. 18th C. Historians' Failure to Understand Economic Forces
Part 11. Romantic Movement: Appreciation of Past Eras (eg Middle Ages)
Part 12. Adam Smith: Appreciation of Economic Forces in History
Part 13. French Revolution Reveals Underlying Social Forces. 19th Century French Historians.
Part 14. Modern School of Historians: Rejection of the Fabulous; Seeing Ancients as Living People
Part 15. The Role of Church in History
Part 16. New Materials and Discoveries Available to 19th Century Historians
Part 17. History of Institutions
Part 18. History vs Sociology

The above article was written by James Augustus Cotter Morison, M.A.; formerly on the staff of the Saturday Review; author of Life of St Bernard, Mme. de Maintenon, une Etude, Gibbon and Macaulay in the "Men of Letters" Series.

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