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Italian Geography and Statistics - Bibliography

The most elaborate work on Italy is L'Italia sotto l'aspetto fisico, storico, &c, published by Vallardi of Milan, and comprising (1) Dizionario Corografico, edited by Amato Amati, 9 vols. imp. 8vo., of upwards of 1100 pages each ; (2) Geologia d'Italia, by Stoppani and Negri ; (3) Oro-idrografia, by De Bartolomeis ; (4) Acque minerali, by Marieni ; (5) Compendio della fiora italiana, by Cesati, Passerini, and Gibelli ; (6) Fauna d'Italia, by Cornalia, Canestrini, Salvadori, and De-Betta ; (7) a series of historical studies—Storia antica and I Barbari, by Bettolini ; I Comuni, by Lanziano, &c. Some of these divisions are only in course of publication (1881), but the Dizionario Corografico and several other important sections are either complete or approaching completion.

Worthy in its own department to rank with this great work is Gaetano Cantoni's Enciclopedia agraria italiana, which contains voluminous articles on the various objects and methods of agriculture in the country, on its climate, soils, irrigation systems, and the like.

The chief agricultural periodicals are the Government Annali di Agricoltura, edited by Targioni-Tozzetti, and the L'Agricoltura Italiana, formerly Rivista di Agricoltura.

The publications of the Government board of statistics, frequently referred to in the foregoing pages, are numerous and various. The Annuario Statistico (vol. ii., 1881) contains an epitome of the various official reports.

Questions both of national and international scope are discussed in the Annali di Statistica (new series dating from 1878), and in the Archivio di Statistica, founded by Professor Bodio and a company of statisticians in 1871.

Of non-Government statistical publications there is no lack. It is sufficient to mention Annuario del commercio ed industria del regno d'Italia, Florence, 1868, &c; Annuario statistico delle Provincie italiane, Florence, 1872 ; Annuario istorico italiano, Milan, 1870, &c. ; Guida generale del commercio e dell' industria italiana, Milan, 1880 ; Annuario industriale italiano, Naples, 1880 ; Parela, Saggio di climatologia e di geografia nosologica dell' Italia, Turin, 1881.

Gazetteers of less scope than Amati's Dizionario are Muzzi, Vocabulario geografico-storico-statistico, Bologna, 1873-74 ; Altavilla, Il Regno d'Italia, Turin, 1875; and Stivieri, Geogr. e statistica comm. del regno d'Italia, Venice, 1879.

Contributions to Italian geography and sociology naturally appear from time to time in the Bollettino of the Italian Geogr. Soc, Rome, 1870 ; in Guido Cora's Cosmos, Turin, 1872, &c.; the Rivista Europea, Florence ; and the Nuova Antologia, Florence ; not to mention the periodical publications of scientific societies so well known as the Accademia dei Lincei, &c.

The literature issued in foreign countries in regard to Italy is very extensive, but too frequently the works are slight and "occasional." A bibliography of German contributions to the subject was compiled by Gregorovius, whose own works make no small addition to the list.

Recent English works are Wordsworth, Italy : Journal of a Tour, London, 1863 ; W. W. Story, Roba di Roma, London, 1863, and Graffiti d'Italia, 1868 ; Elliot, Diary in Italy, London, new ed., 1871; Heckethorn, Roba d'Italia, London, 1875 ; Gallenga, Italy Revisited, London, 1875 ; Hare, Italian Cities, London, 1876 ; Arthur, Italy in Transition, London, 1877. (H. A. W.)

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