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Lapari Islands

INSULIE, the modern LIPARI ISLANDS, a group of islands between Italy and Sicily. They are so called from Aeolus, time god of the winds, who was supposed to rule over them; but they are also frequently termed Iuszdce Vulcanice, or Heplaustice, from their volcanic eruptions, and Insults Lipareorum, from Lipara (modern Lipari), the chief of the group. According to Pliny, the other islands are Hiera, now Vacano; Strongyle, now Stromboli; Didyme, now Salina; Phoenicusa, now Felimali ; Enonymus, probably Pazzaria; and Ericusa, now Alicudi. Besides these there are several small islets. Homer mentions only one Aeolian island (Od. x. 1).

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