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Louis II, the Stammerer
King of France

LOUIS II., surnamed Le Bègue or the Stammerer, the son of Charles I. ("The Bald") by Irmentrud of Orleans, and the grandson of Louis the Pious, was born on November 1, 846. On the death of his elder brother Charles, the second son of Charles the Bald, he was consecrated king of Aquitania in 867, and ten years afterwards he succeeded his father, being crowned by Hincmar of Rheims under the title of " king of the French, by the mercy of God and the election of the people " (December 8, 877). In the following year (September 7) he availed himself of the presence of Pope John VIII. at Troyes to obtain a fresh consecration. He died at Compiègne, after a feeble and ineffectual reign of eighteen months, on April 10, 879.

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