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Louis the Child
(commonly known as: Louis III or Louis IV)
King of East Francia

LOUIS THE CHILD, though he never actually received the imperial crown, is usually reckoned as the emperor Louis III. or Louis IV. He was the son of the emperor Arnulf, was born in 893, and succeeded to the throne of East Francia or Germany in 900, when he was six years of age. During his brief reign Germany was desolated by the Hungarians, who invaded the country year after year, defeating every force that ventured to oppose them. At the same time the kingdom was weakened by internal strife. The result of the prevailing anarchy was that the imperial constitution established by Charlemagne broke down, and Germany was gradually divided into several great duchies, the rulers of which, while acknowledging the supremacy of the king, sought to become virtually independent. Louis, the last of the Carolingian race in Germany, died in 911.

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