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King of France and Navarre (disputed)

LOUIS XVIII., brother of Louis XVI., was the fourth grandson of Louis XV., and was born at Versailles on November 17, 1755, receiving at his birth the title of count of Provence. During the earlier stages of the revolutionary struggle he showed considerable sympathy with the popular party, but in June 1791 he found it necessary to withdraw to Coblentz, and subsequently he took some part in the operations of the army of Conde. He was at Hamm in Westphalia when tidings of his brother's murder arrived, and lost no time in proclaiming the succession of his nephew Louis XVII., himself being recognized as regent. In June 1795 he succeeded to the regal title; after several years of involuntary wandering he found an asylum in England from October 1807 till April 1814, when he re-entered France. He only once left it again, during the " Hundred Days " (March to June 1815); his death took place at Paris on September 18,1824. For his reign, see FRANCE (vol. ix. pp. 617-619). He was succeeded by his brother Charles X.

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