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Straits Settlements (now: Malaysia)

MALACCA. - The territory of Malacca lies between the river Linggi and the Kesang, which separate it respectively from Sungei Ujong to the north-west and the Mora district of Johor to the east. To the north it marches with Negri Sembilan. Forest conservancy is beginning to be carefully attended to, and pepper growing has recently been started with success at Arra Kudah by Achinese settlers. Tapioca and tin are among the exports, the latter, brought from the Selangor mines, being smelted in 3Ialaeca. The average birth-rate in 1881-83 was 2046 and the death-rate 2642. The city of Malacca has already been described, vol. xv. p. 312.

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