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Public Health Law in France and Germany
(Original Title: Public Health Law of Other Countries)

In France there is a council of health for each district, composed of medical practitioners, pharmacists, engineers, and other expects, its function being purely advisory with respect to nuisances, unwholesome dwellings, schools, food, drugs, epidemics, and the like. The executive power rests with the prefect (to be carried out by the police), and is often not put in motion even when advice is tendered. In Paris there are two heads of executive, the prefect of the Seine and the prefect of police. The minister of agriculture and commerce is responsible to the chambers. In Prussia there is a certain amount of bureaucratic care of the public health under the ministry for ecclesiastical, educational, and medical affairs. The minister is advised by a scientific commission (Wissenschäftliche Deputation für das Medicinalwesen); and there is a subordinate board for each province, and a medical officer for each district or town (Kreisphysikus, or Stadtphysikus). Numerous offences against the public health are defined in the code, and penalties fixed (see Eulenberg’s work, taken from official sources, Das Medicinalwesen in Preussen, Berlin, 1874).

UK Laws on Insanity and Alcoholism

2. The lunacy laws have been fully treated of in a special section of the article INSANITY (q.v.). By an Act of 1879 habitual drunkards have been placed in a position somewhat analogous to that of lunatics, and there are now existing certain licensed asylums for their detention.

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