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History of Medicine: Bibliography
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The earliest work of authority on the history of medicine is that of Daniel le Clerc (Histoire de la Médecine, Geneva, 1696; Amsterdam, 1704, 1723, &c.), which ends with Galen. Freind’s History of Physick (London, 1725-26, 2 vols.) carries on the subject from Galen to the beginning of the 167th century. The first complete history is that of Kurt Sprengel (Versuch einer pragmatischen Geschichte der Arzneikunde (Halle, 1792; 3rd edition, Halle, 1821-28, 5 vols.; also in French, Paris, 1815). Beside these may be mentioned Hecker, Geschichte der Heilkunde, Berlin, 1822, and Geschichte der neueren Heilkunde, Berlin, 1839; Ch. Daremberg, Histoire des sciences médicales, Paris, 1870, 2 vols.; Edward Meryon, History of Medicine, London, 1861 (left unfinished, vol. i. only having appeared). The most recent and complete text-book is Haeser’s Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Medicin und der Epidemischen Krankheiten (3rd edition, Jena, 1875-79, 3 vol., in course of completion), to which the preceding sketch is very largely indebted.

In special departments of the subject the authorities are the following: -- For classical medicine: Celsus, De Medicina; Littré, Oeuvres d’Hippocrate, Paris, 1839-61, 10 vols. (especially vol. i.); Francis Adams, Genuine Works of Hippocrates translated, with a Preliminary Discourse, London (Syd. Soc.), 1849, and Paulus Aegineta, translated with a Commentary, London (Syd. Soc.), 1844; Daremberg. La Médecine dans Homère, Paris, 1865; and La Médecine entre Homère et Hippocrate, Paris, 1869; and W. A. Greenhill’s articles "Galen," "Hippocrates," &c., in Smith’s Classical Dictionary, 1844. For Arabian medicine: Wüstenfeld, Geschichte der Arabischen Aerzte und Naturforscher, Göttingen, 1840; and Lycien Leclerc, Histoire de la Médecine Arabe, Paris 1876, 2 vols. For Salernitan medicine: Collectio Salernitana, edited by De Renzi, Daremberg, &c., Naples, 1852, 5 vols., Regimen Sanitatis, with introduction by Sir A. Croke, Oxford, 1830; and Daremberg, L’Ecole de Salerne, Paris, 1861. For medicine in England: John Aikin, Biographical Memoirs of Medicine in Great Britain, to the time of Harvey, London, 1780; Lives of British Physicians, London, 1830 (chiefly by Dr Macmichael, partly by Dr Bisset Hawkins and Dr H. H Southey); and Munk, Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London, 2nd ed., 1878, 3 vols. For the modern schools: Hirschel, Geschichte des Brownischen Systems und der Erregungs Theorie, Leipsic, 1846; Bouchut, Histoire de la Médecine et des Doctrines Médicales, 2 vols., Paris, 1873 (comparison of ancient and modern schools); Buckle, History of Civilization in England, 1858-61. (J. F. P.)

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