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Mula, Spain

MULA, a town of Spain, in the province of Murcia, is situated 22 miles to the westward of that town on the slope and summit of an eminence on the left bank of the Mula, a small tributary of the Segura, periodically liable to destructive floods. The Sierra Espuña rises on the south to a height of nearly 5200 feet. The usual public buildings, grouped round the central square of the town, present no features of special interest. The ground of the neighbourhood is somewhat broken, but of the cultivable portion about one0half is occupied with olives and vines. The industries and trade of the place are connected principally with agriculture. The population in 1877 was 10,597. About 3 1/2 miles to the eastward are two groups of houses known as the Baños de Mula, with warm sulphurous springs of considerable local repute.

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