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Mülheim an der Ruhr

MÜLHEIM-AN-DER-RUHR, the chief town of a circle in the district of Düsseldorf, Prussia, is situated on the Ruhr, and affluent of the Rhine, about 7 miles from Essen and at the intersection of several railways. Like most of the towns in this district, Mülheim finds its chief industry in iron-working, and contains numerous blast-furnaces, rolling-mills, foundries, and engine0works; it also carries on manufacturers of leather, wool, cotton, calico, tobacco, paper, and other miscellaneous goods. About 6,000,000 tons of the Ruhr coal are annually forwarded by river and rail from Mülheimm which also carries on a considerable trade in timber and colonial produce. In the reighbourhood are important sandstone quarries, a large zinc foundry, glass-works, and a carpet manufactory. Mülheim, which possesses a church of the 12th century, was formerly included in the duchy of Berg, and became a town in 1508. In 1880 it contained 22,146 inhabitants, about two-thirds of whom were Protestants.

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