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Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte)

"Bataille de Wagram. 6 Juillet 1809" (Napoleon at the Battle of Wagram. 6 July 1809), an oil painting by Horace Vernet.

Date: 1836. Current location: Versailles Palace, France.

"Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte)" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. Early Life
Part 2. Early Campaigns
Part 3. The Consulate

Part 4. The Empire

Part 5. Decline and Fall
Part 6. Bibliography

The above article was written by: Sir John Robert Seeley, K.C.M.G, LL.D.; sometime Fellow and Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge; Professor of Latin at University College, London, 1863; Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, 1869; author of Ecce Homo, Life and Times of Stein, Expansion of England, and Growth of British Policy.

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